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I wrote this song for my two Scorpios who are going through some rough things. I won’t lie, I was rather angry myself. Best way to deal with my seriously pissed off-ness? Music of course!

Rodney, my songwriter and keyboard player is a genius. The song only has piano and strings. No drums, bass, wailing guitar or an orchestra. It is meant to have a bigger feel than what it is currently. ‘I can’t wait to perform this with the band. It is our new 007 song’ said Rodney. And he is right. The song is rather epic, but what is an album without at least one epic, power ballad eh?

This is a demo, the levels are all over the show. Recorded in my bedroom, and a USB microphone.  You were warned…

Here are the lyrics…(SONY PUBLISHING)



If there’s a forest lodged in your eyes and you just cant see beneath the lie. Forget all the axes hidden in your basement, oh it’s time to set everything right.

Set it all alight. Let the fire make everything right.

If there’s a hungry goddess on her knees, offering redemption please dont offer her your throat. She’s always hungry and demands to be fed. Eventually she will have your heart and your head so..

Set it all alight. Let the fire make everything right.

Nobody knows, nobody can see, how the fire will reveal your true destiny. So Burn baby, burn baby. Burn that forest down to the ground. Burn baby, burn baby, till that hungry goddess dont make a sound and…

Set it all alight. Let the fire make eveything right

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