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I should stop complaining, dammit. Aside from having much to be grateful for….I get to create all kinds of imaginary worlds in my head and drag everyone with me.

This small knowing hurled me back into time, about two years ago. My imagination stopped working as it normally does. Why? Life became so very real then. Filled with a future I thought I wanted at the tip of my fingers. All I had to do was hold on. But no, not me. I let go and gloriously so. Until I found myself in an alternate world created in the desert, where I was reminded of who I really am.

I am a bladdy dreamer. Forget the musician bit. I dream and all the time. It just feels and sounds better with music. Hence, I seek out others like me. Suspended between two worlds, the real and imagined, dangling deliciously….like only a Hanged Man can.

I was  my unhappiest when the real world, filled with things that have to be done, was front stage. Safer for sure, yes. But boring as hell. And I left when I was unable to maintain my balance. When it was required I have both feet firmly planted on the ground and stare in only one direction.

Like most of us, I have no idea what comes next, especially at this point in time. Yet, I have four projects on the go. All non music related. Things to occupy my time. Projects where I rope in fellow dreamers who forgot how to dream. My friends all say the same thing…..that’s the reason  they like to have me around. To remind them of all kinds of crazy shit. Or perhaps to see things they forgot. Who knows eh? All I need is good food and company. Or bad food and great music.

And they all seem to belong to the Auriol Needs To Be Happy WhatsApp group. I am happy. Happier. I made a joke a few years back and said, ”I need a space big enough so that when I am mad I dont have to see the other person…’  Just how do people do it? I am a Scorpio, I need space. Yes, space to go off and dream and ensnare more people of course!

Can you imagine being able to share that kind of freedom with someone you love? It once said that love is the space between the hunter and the hunted. I rather like that analogy. It speaks of danger, excitement…and, most importantly, never being complacent. Isn’t that what love requires? It’s  a dance, so listen to the music and watch where you are going darling.

I don’t ever want to be the kind of human that sits opposite someone they love and has nothing to say. Or worse still, can’t  wait to reach out and touch the person I am with. What high grade  fuckery is that eh? Also, I don’t  want life itself to drag me into a space where I am forced to remember what matters most.

Life is an adventure.  All of it. If I don’t  make this ride fun, who the bladdy hell will? And on that note, I have to prepare for a meeting.

Remain inspired my people. Keep it fresh. Keep is juicy and make it fun!

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