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Guess what? I sing on Friday. Yeah. I   sing with Rodney my pianist! Time to pack and think in Music. Best bit? Hanging out with friends along the way. And introducing them to my family afterwards. It felt like forever since last a melody moved through me to an audience.

Ps. I watched a recap  ( season 2 and 3) of the nameless  tv series  I binge watched last night. Pps. I only binged on the first season…and oh my goodness! These characters just keep discovering and creating new problems for themselves!  I mean seriously people….get grip and stop meddling in your friend’s lives !  If any of my friends dared to interfere the way these characters do…I would kill all of them off in music first and then disown their asses! A double death!

Still….I am happy….89% of the time. Considering the state of the world, that is not too shabby. Wish I could travel and sing. See more of the world. Meet more people and hang out.  Kinda reminds me of Summercamp. I officially met people I have seen for the last three years. Official in that we met, exchanged names, hugs and danced together, as opposed to just acknowledging  each other with our eyes while not being freaked out a tad bit! I mean…look….the music is strange enough as is!

I have been hanging out a lot lately. No wonder my kid calls me out it. “Mother you have gone from hanging with your cool gay friends to hanging with your white rich hippy friends, what’s going on?” Ah. Those are only some of the friends she knows of.  Kids. Can kill them but…just let them have their own kids instead. Knowing my kid..she would be fantastic mother all round, so that fell flat.

Musical wishlist? Radiohead live. Ben Harper again. I would like to hear Live music in Mali. The Sahara. The arctic. On a boat at 4am. Under the Northen lights. In the catacombs in France. Burning Man with Henry. Experience music in…An ancient cave in the bowls of the earth. At the top of a mountain. On a hot air balloon! I would like to experience all kinds of music in extraordinary spaces. And just once…I would like to be kissed so absolutely in a place where Music, Magic and Mother Nature converge!

Sure, 2020 and bits of this year was terrible. But I have the most amazing people at my side. They were my real blessing.  Says my Mother the other day, “I know you don’t want to live long but….”  No. All I desire….is a life fully lived. Gloriously alive and without regrets. That’s it. But yeah. I sing on Friday with my favorite pianist Rodney, and hang out with people I really care for. That’s enough, more than enough for now. And yes. My love affair with that nameless tv series is officially over. Thank the sweet lawd!

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