Imagination is the key to everything. If I don’t hold on to my imagination or slip into the minds of others I will lose my way. I recall going through a mafia phase while songwriting. Some would say I dip my little pinky back in every so often when I kill off a man or three. For a while all the songs I penned were set on distant galaxies. The first question I ask myself is….where are you Auriol? I use the third person as I am observing myself as an outsider even while stuck in some imaginary plane. After deciphering how I feel…then I start writing music.

Having  a kid around helps a great deal but it is not the answer. My daughter eventually grew up and left me to dwell on my own and search for my next greatest excitement alone. Of course it’s music and words, books, people,art and all manner of histories and…well…food!  Yet in order to risk not becoming jaded I spend a great deal of time alone, punctuated by time spent with many people.

I like being engulfed, overwhelmed, immersed and sometimes pinned to a wall, creatively speaking. Then I retreat, write and unravel what I feel. The  begining phases of new album is being written all over the place and with so many different people. Yet I still have not found the person to pull it all together. I know I will when the time is right.

Back to the importance of one’s imagination. It matters being able to roam and linger in different mental and emotional landscapes,  as it allows one to feel a mad kind of freedom.  Right now I am reflecting on my meeting with Ben Harper. Okay, I didn’t meet him. He listened to me splurge a world of words with absolute composure, the wonderful man. The thought of realizing that dream is one of my centre points as I write new music. In other words, I found my  creative anchor so I don’t spiral and lose my way amidst love affairs gone ‘wrong’ and the looming death of my father. And it is a grounding thought, even if I wrap the experience and him up in something otherworldly. The song is called Rolling 6’s, as would be the ultimate desire if one is a professional gambler…

Here are some of lyrics

‘You’re a Time Traveller

Whose roots anchor me to the sky

Between my dreams and silences

My darkest lullabies

Ooh….when your feet touch the ground

Ooh…no words for snow can be found’

I really like the last line as the Eskimo people have 50 words for snow. Also I am referencing an amazing  Kate Bush album. My favorite song being Snowed in at Wheeler Street and is best enjoyed with whiskey and a roaring fire.

I am staring at the mountain now and wondering what would happen if I uncovered some strange being living in it for as long as time…what would it say? Anyhoo, I need to write some more music to see if I can hear a little deeper. Yes. This is how I keep sane. By pretending that everything is alive and can speak. All I have to do is….listen.

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