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I am shutting  FB out of my life until the new year starts. There’s just way too much negativity and fear going round. And I don’t have time to expend on such nonsense. Besides, those I love and care for know how to reach me.

So, I have this grand idea for 2021. It’s  an idea that rather excites me on every front. I have no idea how it’s  all gonna come together but I trust that it will somehow. In between I do whatever moves me, to keep my energy positive. A few minutes ago I received a wonderful call and just like that, as though by magic,  one small bit of the puzzle fell into place! Now there’s focus for January and I can plan a performance as well!

Also, I can’t wait to see my daughter and spend time with her. Yes, she is her own brand of wild- magic-madness for sure, and I am deeply proud of her. Even if she annoys me at times. But then again, I haven’t stopped annoying my Mother. So this seems….fair.

Trust. It comes down to having trust. Regardless of what I feel. It isn’t anyone else’s job to take care of my emotional and  mental wellbeing. Hence the ‘I don’t  need a knight in shining armor  to rescue me’ bit. The idea is to be as whole as I can be….before allowing another into my energy. To manage my own emotions without having to seek anything externally. Daughter says in a very dry tone, ‘Ah yes, the next man you fall in love with wont be in South Africa. You will probably meet him on your next trip.’ This is more than likely. It helps that she’s studying to be doctor , with astrology as her side hustle.

Life happens and it throws us off and plans change. Being angry only works if the energy is used to create some fire under your ass. Never if it is turned inwards. When I am deeply upset, I allow myself to be until I figured out why I was triggered and how to deal with it next time it arrives. I do not inflict that energy on anyone. Daughter very much objects to me being so closed off. But that is her issue, not mine. Always when I am ready and not a second before.

The only thing that matters is balance, and how I maintain mine. So magic can happen and the things I need can flow towards me with ease…

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