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The sun is shining. No, wait…the sun is bragging and gloriously so. Food is cooking, Steve Wonder is playing and Tumi, my songwriter and friend, is doing the dishes. It relaxes him ( he is clearly an alien). After lunch of chicken livers that he’s making, we will go for a walk. Last night we wrote three new songs. One of which is an album song. A while ago I spoke about my ideal day. Aside from him being my soul brother, this is very close to my ideal day.

We always get what we need. Every day I see proof of this. Turns out I needed to hang and make music with someone I trust and can share space with just as he does. In between making food, joking and music – we talk about our love lives. Or the lack of mine. Haha. I told him I will take my love life seriously….after my birthday! I am gonna have all kinds of fun and let loose a bit. This year has been so damn rough.

The song we are recording later today is called Crimson on Snow. Here are some of the words…

Out of reach, out of time// But you’re still on my mind// Out of reach, yet bound to each other// The thread between us bleeds red in color

It’s red, crimson on snow// It’s red, the sharpest thorns you’ll ever know//


The song is catchy as all hell. Like I said, Tumi and I have musical telepathy. Nonsense, he is the only musician I share this frequency with. I am just deeply grateful to have people like him around. Also, he is a DJ….so the music he plays while I cook always sets the perfect mood!