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I played this song in Cape Town a few months back. It was meant to be played on piano, and I do have a recording on keys. But thought I would share what it sounds like when accompanied by guitar. This is Shaun Francke doing his thing. Or as he is now known, ‘my outjie ‘ aka my guy! This was recorded on my phone.

Here are the lyrics.  Inspired by watching a small girl bloom whenever I told her she was beautiful. It reminded me of every time I felt love surging through my body.

Wherever The Light Falls

Your heart’s my daisy chain in the sun. Your smile’s a reverie the light has spun. Strand by strand.
Wherever the light falls I will be. The shadows calling is your guarentee, your everything’s safe with me.
I still remember how love feels under my skin. It’s a poison, a cure for everything that has always been.

If peace is what you want, peace you’ll surely find. Straight paths are for the less adventurous of minds.
Love travels with its lonely wings out spread, ruin or redemption lies ahead. Concrete boots in water.
Yet I still remember how love feels like under your skin. It’s the light in every dark place that you have ever been in.
I still remember. Do you still remember
What love feels like under my skin.
I still remember, do you still remember
I still remember..
Wherever the light falls I will be



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