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Kevin died today. I met him at my first Afrika Burn. Afrika Burn is overwhelming for a newbie. The isolation, the art, people, music, food and all the magical craziness one witnesses. Our camp consisted of a mix of people from all over the world. By the time we left we all knew with great certainty we shared in an experience we won’t easily forget.

Kevin could either be found sitting in his chair dressed in print he bought from all over the world or sprucing  up the tent. Every item he wore had a story to tell. Just like him. At Afrika Burn I noticed the calming  effects he had on us all. I overheard him speaking to Karoelin while in the tent trying to sleep. His advice was measured and his words kind. Karoelin didn’t say a single word and I knew why. Every thing he said struck a chord that neither she nor I will forget.

I recall asking for advice and he said, ‘You do not have to make any decisions based on what you experience here Auriol. It does not have to change anything.’ How could one not be affected by the epiphanies that finds you at Afrika Burn? Since I got home decisions were made and I managed to stick with them. Decisions on how I spend my time, with whom…and perhaps a real desire to carry in my bones the magic I felt while watching all the lies I allowed to cling to my skin slowly slip away…

I will forever be grateful for his kindness, his willingness to listen to everyone and never pass judgement. He looked at the world squarely; saw people for who they could be at their best and allowed us to just get on with it while we fumbled around for answers. So we danced ourselves into a frenzy under the magic tent he created every night and woke up  knowing there was one human being who silently saw all of us for exactly who we were, regardless of the state we were in.

You were right Kevin…wherever we go….we are the party. And you will be right there with us. Missed sorely and always remembered with nothing but deep love.


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