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I dreamt of my father. Yeah. My very dead father. But it was not as obvious as one would assume. I saw him  the way one sees someone from the corner of one’s eye. Also…he was not speaking to me but….wait for it…the person I was dating! They were having a deep and meaningful exchange and it was clear my father approved of him.  

Seems normal eh? Hold the phone my people! First. I am single. Second. The person I was dating in the dream is one I have never met before. And finally….my father is dead. I think I might have mentioned this. Would I recognise this man if I met him….probably not! Yeah, the plot thickens! 

Maybe it was just a small sign. You. Girl. Are headed towards a new place with someone who gets you. I will take that, thank you very much old black man. Yes, I will. Besides, my father knows I am hella stubborn. He would have to talk to that unknown guy and warn him. Hehe!

On to serious matters! I have many projects to work on in the new year, with tight deadlines. I think I will enjoy the last few days of 2021. Matt and I are dancing our way into the new year,  and he is meeting my family. All my closest friends meet my family eventually, that’s just the way of it. And then we are in the new year. BOOM! Boom! POW!

I am ready for the good stuff! And hope you are also. Only revisit the past if it needs mending my people. And here’s  great advice from Gilda. Don’t get  too caught up in your thoughts. Sometimes we only know the truth of anything by experiencing it, boots on the ground, finger on the trigger. Once ‘there’ we should check in and ask ourselves…does this feel true, right and all kinds of juicy?

So forget all that overthinking, checking in with friends, messing with tarot cards and going for readings. (Ps. I was advised in a very clear dream to stop consulting my tarot cards for an entire year! And just to drive the point home and make things spicier….my deck  disappeared { I kid you not} altogether. Poof! Gone! ) Yeah. My life is trippy like that. Dreams. Music. And things pop in and out to drive the point home.

All of which brings me to this conclusion.  Just….Do it! Live! Ride. Bounce.  Accept fear as a given and do what moves you  regardless. Try to remain present. Or don’t. Either way…handle your business yeah? So by the time you peg off and die…you can look back and say with all honesty. …fuckit…I lived the life I chose! And enjoyed every single part of it. Even the crappy bits…and bladdy hell…..

I. Regret. Nothing.