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I listened in  as my daughter give my sister her astrological reading yesterday. I must say I was rather impressed. My sister, as you know, is one of my favorite people. The only one I will hand the matches to when  I feel like burning the world down. And she tells people she doesn’t have a best friend because I am both. Her sister and her best friend.

Guess what? She is a Scorpio Moon person. This, my people, explains all the craziness on her. Scorpio moons are so intense it makes Scorpio ascendants look like Mother Theresa or the Dali Lama (which I am in the family of course). The only time the crazy Scorpio energy can be seen is when I write music, sing or get on stage. Otherwise….I am calm as can be.

My daughter is amazing,  and through astrology has come to understand not only herself but others a great deal better. The only thing she wants is to know my time of  birth. I am elated my Mother keeps getting it wrong or else I would have the rights read to me all the time. As if her  ever expanding third eye isn’t enough.  I can’t have a bad day without getting a call from her. ‘Just stop it Mother. Stop what you are thinking right now…’ Honestly!

I have my crazy sister with me who urges me to confront my fears and doubts head on. She has no chill. If there is a call that needs to be made or someone that needs a scolding, she is on it. That reminds me. I cannot take her with me to a performance. She gives any and all men the dirty eye and interrogates them! While I urge her to think a bit more clearly and calmly before doing something only a Scorpio Moon person would do.

Life creates all kinds of wonderful balances, doesn’t it? If there is one thing this pandemic did it’s solidify the bonds between my siblings and I. Small mercies. Especially on those bad days when I am about to light that last match. I have my sister there to grab it out of my hands, scold me while handing me a whiskey…

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