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I was asked….why shoot a music video? Especially for a song that is not new and in another country! My honest answer was … Why Not?

First, I always liked the song, so being able to put lovely visuals behind it just made perfect sense. Also, I get the chance to work with people I really like in a country I always wanted to visit. This was a no brainer!

At times I am convinced we over-think creativity. Why do things have to be done a certain way eh? Coz some old and probably white dude said so? When the sad truth is most creative people are open change and highly addicted to flow. Sometimes they say yes to everything because it happens to be a Wednesday at 6:13pm and a moist piece of chocolate cake is stuck between their fingers. Okay, wait….that’s me.

Of course there was drama of every kind off set. I have filled a few pages in my notebook from what I picked up after hours! It makes everything sweeter somehow, when one knows that this moment is fleeting and needs to be embraced. Consumed and wolfishly devoured.

Yeah. I will end my blog post on that note. Embrace and consume wolfishly… every second you are given. Despite the fear….

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