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Lockdown has been good to me. After a year and more in, all I can say is that I am blessed. I have what I need. Family. Friends. Crazy kids who climb on me like I am mountain all the time. Oh, and a new path has opened in terms of career.

Matt said jokingly, ‘ You landed with your arse in the butter…’ I never thought of it that way. ‘ Now all you need is a lover who you can tell to go away after a week!’ My friends are such weirdos. Besides, that is not my focus. Remaining sane is.

Regarding the new career path… new doors that open easily….happen for a reason, don’t they? So I am walking cautiously and easing my way in.

I won’t lie. It was great hearing little Matteo say, ‘Good morning Aunty Yo!’ And then being hugged and kissed by Luca…who is the craziest kid around. I am where I am for a reason. And it feels  good. In fact, it is more than good…and perhaps just what I need.

The Music will come when it’s ready. All I can do is prepare and imagine I am on a mad fact finding expedition to a foreign world.  Currently, I am collecting stories and sounds. Inhaling if you will. All I can do is trust and embrace. And not run. Everything for a reason.

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