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It’s been a while since I woke up and felt like any damn thing is possible! Any. Damn. Thing!!

My phone, on bad days reminds me of a casino, especially YouTube. I often accompany friends while they gamble. And hate the flash of bright lights and the constant ringing. I do believe I called it ( in my notebook) ‘a hungry whore hunting’. But the realization that my phone operates just the same, has caused me to pause.

Back to the story. I woke up feeling amazing, looked at my phone and saw all this bullshit flashing bells, bright screens and people begging for my attention. The only accepted currency being my time. No, Satan, I said! As the lights flashed and spoke about someone from my past and another in my future. Not today you foul beast. After noticing a few messages from potential potentials. Begone you demon from hell, I exclaimed! As…everything is possible. Every. Damn. Thing, especially now. Especially today. Perhaps even the miraculous!

I must admit, it has been a relief being away from family. Yeah, I said it. Planning and plotting, not family events or meals. Planning performances is what’s on the cards. Finding the time to date whoever pleases me. And being around friends.

Do you know what this ‘ every damn thing is possible’ feeling reminds me of? Falling in love of course! And if we delve beneath the surface and back into our past it becomes evident. There, do you see it? A moment of sheer magic to wake us the fuck up out of the mental and emotional lethargy we have been lounging in .

I relish moments like these a great deal more now as they are not wrapped up in another person. It would appear that I am the source of my own joy, inner peace and all those new age mumbo jumbo terms.

How bladdy cool isn’t that eh? I feel this amazing because of me dammit! Not as a result of  music, family or a man.  Goodbye Satan, my old pal. Come around for a cuppa tea and biscuits which you will have to bring, obviously! Okay, sure…bring the whiskey if you insist. Yes, yes, our preferred brand and don’t forget those gorgeous glasses eh?

Dammit, back to the story! Morning you beautiful humans! Have a great day, and before you leave your homes take a good look at your damn self, okay? You might just be the delicious reminder someone  out there needs. Not a desire. Not a want. But a deep need….that reflects…. every…damn…thing…is possible. Don’t freak out okay? Be cool. Be smooth. Wear your favorite underwear and remain still as  you  are whirlwinded to a somewhere unexpectedly wondrous.

As everything is and has always been possible. Have a great day. Xx

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