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It must be something in the air. I feel as though a fog has lifted and I can think clearly. Hell, I am so ready to get out there and on stage!

The weekend was glorious. I finished four books and swore at the characters so many times! I laughed a week back when my Mother ranted for ten entire minutes about characters on a soapie and then I committed a similar sin! Haha. It was wonderful being swept away and into a some place other.

I have a new hairstyle also. Had three braids put in so my hair can grow a bit on the shaven side. I hate the messy phase of hair growth, honestly I do. I feel and look better…

My daughter has been wonderful during these last few months, my soon to be astrologer kid. Christmas is gonna be epic this year. Usually, I spend it with Gilda but this time round she is spending it with my entire family. We are making this American eggnog business. Hehe. It will be a potent mix.

Birthday is coming up and if I can I would like to go away somewhere. Time to change shit up. I would usually plan a performance but perhaps not this year.

Energy will be expended on people and experiences worth having. It’s that simple. E book will be out also and…well, there’s music I need to take care of. Open doors are fun to walk through. I am done knocking on doors or walls and begging the gods.

My life. My time. My heart. Boom! I don’t have time to fuck around anymore.

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