Anyone who knows me…knows I pay attention to my dreams. My shaman once told me that it is my link to the Divine. My dreams and music of course.

When I am confused about anything my higher self arranges these cool dreams. Often using the shows I really dig ( like Lost) or placing me in spaces I have never thought of being in before. The dream where I accompanied my shaman on a soul retrieval still blows my mind.

I have learnt to pay attention and take the energy of my dreams into my waking life. I know, I know…many think I am crazy. But my dreams have shown me things or warned me so many times. Hell, some of the dreams are not appreciated at all.  Especially those ones where I am shown clearly – this is who you are not meant to be with. Like I said…I learnt my lesson.



This is how it started with Ben Harper. Dreams upon dreams for years! And since meeting him those dreams have not stopped. Other dreams often involve people I have not seen in a while.  Upon waking I know, energetically speaking how they are doing, and recall the exact details of their face and gestures as though I had just seen them!

Recently I have been dreaming about the YouTuber named Dakota of Earth. Two dreams to be exact and a vision while meditating. I dreamt of him before I left for India, where we were hanging about and talking. Then a vision of us being blessed by a Mother Mary like figure during meditation. I recall clearly her ushering us to come closer, feeling the ‘who the fuck are you’ hesitation until she placed something on our foreheads, a blessing for what’s to come. And another dream I just woke up from now. This time he came knocking on my door and we hung out again. Dakota, explores all the other realms with the help of healing plants. He speaks and rather eloquently about his experiences.

Most of my experiences with that realm takes place in my dreams or with music. Writing music links me to whoever I am writing for or about I noticed. Often when writing it feels like a download and I am left wondering…just what and who the hell am I singing about and for?A few months down the line, the music makes complete sense.


I asked a friend who is rather dialled in what it means, these dreams. ‘You share the same energy ‘ she said. Then she added that the collective stillness we are all experiencing makes it easier for energies to link and fuse. That, I must admit makes sense.

It’s time I ask for another dream, to show me the way. Not that I feel lost in any way. In fact, despite being in Lockdown, I think I am doing okay. There’s new music being written and bits of new music handed over to others to complete. Also, waiting for the editor to complete the music video we filmed in India.


About India…I had so many strange thoughts descend. While meditating I focused on a temple I visited and somehow ( prepare yourself for some weirdness), it became very apparent that the temples funnel the energy of those praying straight into the earth. Would it be odd to take it a bit further and say that those prayers travel along the energy lines of the earth herself? Yes, the same feeling I encountered when visiting the Fertility Caves where all the shamans are found and religious ceremonies take place. Again the same feeling settled under my skin. I am a small cell belonging to Mother Nature herself.

That’s what I think of when I sing. Or when I pray before I sing or write music. Here’s my voice, use it so I can be of Service. Being of service to others have landed me in interesting places and with lovely and very odd people. Perhaps because I am born under the sign of Scorpio and we are known to step into people’s lives in order to transform it…I find myself between people whose lives are a bit chaotic. Fun times!

I have learnt discernment over the last three years. I step in to help as best I can and stay until no longer needed. Never again will I allow my energy to be drained. As for men or lovers? I was advised by a medium to be very exact when calling in a lover. Or I might get a bit of what I want and a lot of what no longer serves me. Harsh, I know. But our prayers are always heard. This I am certain of.

Anyhoo, if I dream of Dakota again I will investigate a bit more. Luckily my Kanye West dreams stopped. Although, I must admit…I rather liked Kanye’s fun and bouncy energy. Especially while in studio!

Be safe wherever you are. And have the sweetest of dreams while you are at it!