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Life is strange. Stranger than we think it could ever be. The book I need to finish is about a line of women who are caught between here and the other side. They all are given a gift  to unravel an ancient curse. Nothing new about this storyline at all, I agree. But strange things happen as I write music. Some of those words find roots in my life, and at times I feel as though I am caught between here and the other side. In fact we all are. Just what side that really is, not I even know.

Perhaps because my head is filled with words and music I seldom dream of anything alarming or noteworthy.  In fact just the other night I found myself in a dream space with a friend I have not seen in a while. He sent a song  but instead of listening to the lyrics and whatever message was encoded in it, I picked up sounds and instrumentation instead. I miss dreaming in sound alone. I think it is time I asked for a sign of sorts. As usual when I ask for guidance in my career all I get are insights into my non existent love life, or the love lives of others. And no matter how many times I cut chord energetically, I still dream. This makes sense as we do not co-create in isolation, not on this plane or any other.

My daughter has started dreaming. Of course with all that Pisces energy this does not come as a great surprise. She was always dialled in. Now we end up having the strangest of conversations that start with, ‘well….when I was in that Wiccan coven this is what I learnt…’ I will never forget it, that was some killer weed we smoked. I didn’t mention that of course, but it was a good memory. I eventually left as that path did not feel like my own. Instead of having a small altar in my room, my body became one especially when I sing. Any space I inhabit becomes sacred and is filled with objects from people I love. Nothing makes me happier than feeling home on my skin.

Sometimes my dreams show me parallel lives, where other choices were made. Where I did not chose music and opted for a normal life with a new husband and a small son. His name is Gabriel, my Granny informed me in the dream.  No doubt that energy was infused into my writing and not my music. Besides, what must I do with that bit of information?  I asked my daughter to dream for me instead.

She just interupted my songwriting and I was on a roll of sorts. I really like these lines, ‘It’s a revelation, your love, your arms…You. In my darkness you are the point of light I gravitate to…’ I will save those lyrics and write a stupid song as I feel slightly rattled. I have learnt there is a big difference between theory and reality. I might know or feel something coming my way but once it is flesh…no amount of theorising helps. So there is no point worrying. Yeah, let me start writing a dodgy song and laugh a bit instead..



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