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Not a good idea to reference an iconic movie I can’t really seem to…remember, is it? On my list in my notebook it goes. I should give it another watch and will. Okay! Pandemic and the world going crazy! Not being able to perform on stage! And I have not lost my mind yet! Now that’s now accomplishment! Along with all those exclamation marks….hehe.

The only thing I learnt is this – to do what’s right for me. With people I love, those who show up as I do.

Had a check in with an aunt of mine. We call her Aunty Met Die Oeg ( aunt with the eye), as she can see things in the future. Let’s just say…many adventures await. Love? ‘I see many lovers yes…’ Haha. That news pleased me as Love is not my focus at all this year.

The only thing that is my focus is being around good people, doing things that make me happy and spreading that energy. With or without Music.

The universe will surprise me, as she always does. And I will roll with that energy, as I always do. Music will be the end result, as it always is….and I get to share that with those I love. It’s bladdy Perfect. And those who enjoy my Music usually enjoy whiskey.  Look here man, after suffering through  two Prohibitions as we did in South Africa,  I am entitled to sing and write about whiskey as much as it pleases me. And it does.

Have a great day wherever you are. And don’t forget to do that thing we spoke of the last time okay? What, you forgot? That thing with the zebra and the balloons and the crazy shoes! Also, be sure to reward yourself after finally completing that task. I know, I know…zebras can be tricky to deal with especially if they slept poorly the night before. Anyhoo, a shot of whiskey with people you love is always a great first option. Even if it is drainpipe whiskey. Or tea, or coffee, or water. Air? Air sounds good. I mean who doesn’t appreciate a good dose of…air!

Have a day that’s as remarkable as you are. That’s what I really meant to say. Xx




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