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I am not losing my mind. Just overly stressed out, isolated and grieving. The remedy? Leave home, be with friends or safe people and sing. I need some happiness in my life and right now that’s in short supply.

It does feel like I am being tested I swear. On every front. The family stuff is mad hectic by itself, the grief business taxing and there’s no music around. Truthfully, I have enough music as is, but that is not the point. I need to sing and this I am not doing.

Of course I end up running into a Leo, this after stating I don’t ever want to touch another one.  And I won’t.  I don’t like repeating past mistakes. Even if this Leo is more appealing. All roads lead to hell is my belief and experience when a big cat is around. Besides, it’s time for something new.

Yes, one should follow one’s greatest excitement. And seeing that Music has gone awol, I am releasing an E book in my birthday month. Who not eh? And there are four more tracks I need to create for my Side Chick Project that involves stories and little bits of music. Again, November seems a good month.

I am actively being kinder to myself. Music will return to me. He always does. Being without music….I mean what is the earth without the sun? I am just in a cold and damp place right now.

Everything passes. I must remember this and hold on.







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