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Here’s the problem with having deeply intuitive people as friends…they always let something slip. To be fair, even if they didn’t, my dreams would alert me that something, somewhere is about to change.

Over the last few days I have been shown signs of the next person entering my life. Small things like…his nationality and the family he comes from. And then a friend let it slip. I just laughed when I heard it being said. Now all I need is a dream. Every man of significance has made himself known way before he entered my life.

I know what this must sound like. Auriol is a crazy woman! She should just stop talking and sing! In fact my mentor suggested the same. Be mysterious and aloof. Stop being so open. Here’s the thing about Scorpios. We love mystery and unraveling someone of their secrets. But if we even suspect anything is actively withheld – we might just accuse you of every evil deed under the sun under our breathe!Hence, I choose to be open. Besides, it is easy to be Machaivellian. Not all the advice I give my friends are peace, love and happiness. It simply can’t be! This world we live in is one based on contrast after all. Choose and do so carefully is usually the first and last thing I tell my friends and myself…

I do find it intriguing that this bit of information presented itself after I shared my true feelings, hopes and fears that were trapped, with others. Life always surprises.

So yeah, 2020 has just become a tad bit more interesting than I was anticipating. And it’s only day three!  Anyhoo, knowing something and experiencing it are two different matters altogether, I discovered.

I need sleep. There’s a dinner party and I really will do my best not to poison anyone.




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