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This entire site is one big confession or illusion or lie. It really depends on how I feel on a Wednesday at 12:38,  what I am drinking and with whom.

I am in the midst of planning another performance. There are so many things I have not tackled before. The stakes are just a bit higher, yes. We had an amazing evening with my musical director a few nights ago. He put my band together and oversaw the music for the BH concert. I cooked ( and was stressed out naturally), but the choice of music would not have taken place without him. I am hella satisfied with the setlist.

What can one do, but draw on the people closest? Even if they operate outside the musical terrain. Meeting and chats galore over tea, wine, water. I do feel enlivened when Music is closer. Besides, Matt and I are off to Summercamp soon. Eleven days and counting baby! Meaning, I get to unburden, visit family for a short stint and then return back to Music. This sounds perfect I reckon.

Clothes!! I have to sort out a wardrobe, makeup and hair as I am not doing it myself. I must confess – I need to not wear the leopard spot dress when I sing. As I always hide my boobs with a scarf, which is not flattering.Look, that dress is my gay club dress. As I can parade my boobs without fear as I dance! As that is the only time they are let free.

Okay, time for a walk. I enjoy walking as I listen to the music I have chosen to sing. Also, the minute I do the butterflies start fluttering about like wild, almost lifting me off the ground. It’s a great feeling…akin to waiting for your lover to arrive for a night of all kinds of magic. Hehe!


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