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Okay, where do I even begin? I am the kind of lady that… when hit on by random men will make a point of applauding them for having the balls to step up to any woman! Even if I do not give them my number. And I mean that dammit all! Let’s face it – a certain amount of audacity is needed.  Dating in this day and age is no damn joke.

Also, it freaked me out! These apps are showing your location for heaven’s sake and then there’s all one’s social media-ing that gets hooked into the dating app. Granted, one does have the option to not include that. However, me being brave, decided no. Look here, if someone is gonna get involved with me it’s best they know who and what I am about. Music, music, music….forms a very big part of my life. That and don’t even try to make fun of Ben Harper or I will kick your ass!

So there I was…all brave and brazen for…two days! Until I got freaked out. Just how does one navigate the dating and getting laid scene when Rona is still making her rounds across the planet eh? People are afraid to be near each other. Try adding sex into that mix and it all goes a bit haywire. So my foray out in the dating scene is over. I just can’t do it. At least not this way.

However, a bunch of informants told me just how it is really being done on the down-low. Humans are so inventive! Especially when they are in love. So the concept of drive by’s with gifts and letters are used. Now, honestly, I am the biggest romantic alive. This idea appealed to me very much. Gifts are dropped off with a small note saying…’open if you miss me’ or ‘open when you need….’ That is just lovely on every front. I am the kind of person who shows affection through music first. The rest? That’s just all kinds of crazy. Flash mobs, parties with a secret map and of course….if I really like you….I will cook. That, hasn’t happened yet. And to be honest, I don’t know if I have that in me anymore.

Also, the people in my life are a bit too invested in my happiness. So everyone has something to say all the time. Add in the fact that many of my closest friends are deeply intuitive – I am told things about potential love interests that I could do without. Even if I mention nothing, my people know! Are you seeing the problem I face?

What’s a lady to do? Daughter’s advice? Stay home and stop mentioning Ben Harper. Never!! On that topic I heard his new single, a duet on instagram. This man is taking his music in an interesting direction and really should think about scoring movies. Especially something dark and dramatic. I can hear that slide guitar evoking all kinds of eerie dark and hellish places. Dammit, see how easily I get distracted?

Okay, back to my dating crisis of 2020 aka Love and Sex in the time of a Pandemic! Sounds like a movie. I bet you someone is writing something about this right this second. Anyhoo, on a serious note, I am taking the piss. One should be careful when engaging with another – pandemic or no. Discernment helps along with knowing who you are, how your heart operates  and what you like. This applies to love AND just getting laid. In fact is applies to everything really.

Only once there is certainty around what one wants can it be claimed.

The rest? That’s all fluff. I am not too worried. I was very clear when speaking to my people upstairs and downstairs about what I truly desire in every part of my life. I am no longer interested in trying things out because I am curious OR because I have time to waste.

Yes, yes….pray for me my brothers and sisters. I know my Mother has never stopped! Live a little and don’t be scared to see what’s around the corner! And please, please…be safe yeah?