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I heard it once being said that it is a crime to waste dream energy. Okay, perhaps I made up that statement and wanted to sound fancy. Probably, yes. But it is a crime to waste it I reckon. Most days my dreams go from normal to super crazy in seconds. So to share….

I swear…this dream took place in a parallel  earth. As our president was younger and slimmer. Yeah, I dreamt about Cyril! Seriously man, of all the people to dream  about! I had to track down someone who works in telecommunications field for him.  In the dream  Cyril has dinner with ten specially selected people every few years, and I had to track one of them down.  He kept on looking at me with kind eyes saying, ‘I can find them…’ And I said, knowing this man has the world on his shoulders, ‘I know, but let me…’ I said those words with such certainty, even though on the surface it wasnt a skill that belonged to me.

Now here’s the odd bit about the dream and how it links into ‘real’ events in my life.  A few weeks ago in CT, I made a joke with a friend about some strange tribe living under and in the mountains, using all manner of tunnels and caves as entry points. When we were walking on the beach at Muizenburg I joked while pointing to the mountain and said, ‘Do you see that spot? That’s where one of the ceremony takes place. Now if you are not careful they might just come and get you in your sleep …’  I should never be left alone with my imagination,  as we are gonna make up all kinds of shit. But in this dream….there they were. And there I was. One of them. Being called to do something I had forgotten how to, wearing skins that belonged to a strange world. Worlds they had seen come and go, but I wasnt going anywhere. I was watched from the start.

Damnmit man, this is going into a music video or a song! Or some writing. But my dreams are very entertaining and always give me something to chew on. Amazing ideas, fodder for songs! Right. I owe the sea a visit. I have a few things to think over while I sit under the sun and make notes.

Enjoy your day wherever you are. And use whatever energy is around you. Be it dream energy, sun energy, sex energy….just make your day amazing!

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