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My daughter gets depressed about climate change, political corruption and the way women and children are treated in South Africa.

It is so easy to get sucked in by the stats, the news, the fuckery on social media. Of course change does not happen in one fell swoop. Baby steps I remind her is what it takes to create long lasting change. One person at a time. One family, one town, one city, one country.

She forgets the violent history of our country and how it has affected every single person, the systematic violence and racism. The silence, the corruption, the outdated beliefs so many refuse to look at. One person, one thing at a time. She is right to be enraged as she sees young and old women dying at the hands of men.

Yet change is taking place. Even if the world appears unstable. I tend to think it’s because finally the fuckery is being seen for what it is. As the house is being cleaned we finally know just how dirty it was all along. Some equate a dirty house as a stable one and long for it with great nostalgia.

Yet, how can we expect change when so many cannot even be honest with themselves? When we all do things we know we should not?

Everything starts with you and how you respond to the world around you. That is my answer to almost every question she asks me.


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