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People can fuck us over. Big time. But wait…there’s  more! We always knew they would, didn’t  we? Now, now, don’t  play stubborn my man. The signs were always there. Maybe it was love, sense of loyalty, duty or lust that made you  willfully blind eh? We have all been there my dude. No one is judging okay?

A rocky relationship, for example, where all your personal boundaries are  violated…. provides absolute clarity. In that sense, they are your soulmate. After all, they kinda forced you into being a lot more honest didnt they? Now there’s some shit you just will not endure anymore, right?

And so you walk away …bruised….needing and craving  safety. Certainty and a warm place to land. Often we run into people who can offer us none of what we really need. And perhaps is how it should be? This lesson is one we need to learn by ourselves.  And look here, I have rushed in to help when….if I took a second…I also would have noticed….this does not sound right. But hey! We are only human.

There is light at the end of the tunnel though. But only if we all admit that we’ve been on both sides of the track. After all, no one can be a hero all the time. Ah yes, back to the tunnel and the silver lining. Once we clear that crap….new people and experiences enter our lives. Trust me, they do. But only if we leave all of that past behind. Then, watch your world bloom.

Eerything passes. It has to. That’s the nature of this mad world we live in. Unless, you were contracted ( yes before birth) to face challenge upon challenge. But that’s another blog post for another day eh?

Things change and we along with it. Trust. Welcome in new energy my people! Change is gonna come!

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