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Is there really such a thing as certainty? I wonder about this often. As life can be so precarious. Things fall apart or come together in rather unexpected ways. No wonder our ancestors believed in all kinds of magic way back when…

I mentioned a while ago that I start my day in a way similar to my Mother’s.  With silence and prayer beads in hand. Followed by a great song, if my energies are low and bacon if I need an extra boost. During that time I give great thought to what matters. It is no exaggeration when I say I pray for everyone I know and then all those I don’t.

The refrain stuck in my mind no longer being ‘allow me to make sense of it all’ , but ‘everything’s working out somehow…’  This practice centers my mind, while allowing me the clarity of thought.

As a musician, creativity or finding ways to remain inspired matters. At times, I actively seek out new people and stories. Or, if the conditions are right, those narratives find their way to me. I have learnt to trust. Yet, when I was worried about the new album, I was stuck with so many blockages. The only way I knew to combat those were not by fixating on them. By actively walking away  and finding other sources of joy.

I know of musicians who tinker with one song for months. I never do as it would drive me insane! I record everything I write and only return to those songs when I have a musical block. All it takes is rummaging through mildy cooked or soggy songs to be inspired once again. In a flash and Bobs-your-uncle, a new song emerges!

I think of creativity in the following manner. Here’s my patch of earth. Each song,  phrase in my notebook, each person, every book that enthralled me, paintings my eyes couldn’t forget, errant desire I couldn’t shake, or meal I couldn’t master or did – a seed.

Imagine planting a seed and demanding each day it grow? Or arguing with the sun because its rays are too scathing, the soil who is to slow to nurture? Many do and no one more so than I in the past. Instead I now move from one patch of earth to the next, talk to the seeds nestled in the earth, give them some water or nutrients and move along. Eventually, something will break through the cold, hard earth the color green.

Again, I am reminded of my Mother and Gilda. Their faith and determination always astounds me. They have the greenest thumbs I know.

This is what they teach me with their every small and big step. All that matters is having certainty about what moves you. Where you place your love and truth. Nurture those until the earth you stand upon is as verdant and lush as the music you gift the world with.

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