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I am glad to go home for a while. Be with family, hang at the beach and spend time with my daughter while she begs for chocolate. Often when I think of the veil  being torn from the world stage (the pandemic) I wonder….just what would I like the world, my world to look like? Do you know what your world ought to feel like?

I watched this movie last night…


Looks fun yeah? Just a giant waste of time, my time that is. As there are films hinting at  this theme with greater finesse.  Hell, there are even better books! I watch movies like this as I am curious to know what is being thrown to the masses and how it affects…



Forget alien invasion movies, that’s so 1970’s! The metaphysical/spiritual field is littered with star seeds wanting to know their galactic origins. ‘Do I have links to the Acturians or Palladians? I feel this link to them….” Of course no one wants any reptilian genetics rolling in their bones do they? I find it funny though.

Look here man, if you can’t even deal with your own family…why would you even want to know about family ties on other galaxies eh? Even if it makes the sense of alienation and aloneness more bearable, still we incarnated here. Here and not there.. for a reason.

It matters how we ground ourselves.

Everything comes down to this for me: can I afford to invest time and energy into this thought, belief, person or experience? Would I like to invest any of my being here…with you? The answer comes instinctively when music is concerned. More so when my family amd friends are involved. Especially after 2019.

Grounding myself in the real matters. However, my definition of real contains all kinds of madness and magic! Every person is a symphony, note or instrument. Perhaps even  a track of earth . A lush waterfall on an arid day. A lover feels like…dusk and desert sand. Do you get where I am going with this?

Our lives mean what we choose them to mean. Besides, how boring if we all thought the same way eh?  I hope you have a Mountain in your friendship circle. Or some fresh grass when you get into bed. Someone who feels like a galaxy unfolding. Of course, that’s why there are kids…

May your day be filled with nothing other than bits and bobs of the good stuff. And in case it isn’t, or you assume it isn’t….take a look in the mirror….and then decide. Xx

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