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Forget butterflies in my stomach before a show! The butterflies are fluttering like mad all over my entire body. As I am singing in a few hours with my e tire band! I associate butterflies not only with Music but with every single person I love and care for.

Right now, I can’t have a proper conversation with anyone at it’s only 9am. All my friends know that on the day I sing I pace and become incoherent. The very same reaction when I fall stupidly in love also. So butterflies it is.

I always wondered what would happen if the ink people have on their skin took flight and became living things. Would the skull on their arms growl, or smile wickedly? Would their Mother’s face start smiling at them? Or would the snake my daughter has inked on her skin start hissing? All my ink speak of flight, of transcendence, of finding a different perspective to rise above.

Right now I have a Phoenix inked on my skin. Typical Scorpio isn’t it? Rise from the ashes and transform darling. Regardless of what or who happened to me.

I will have butterflies inked on my skin eventually. A kaleidoscope of them.
But right now, the perfomance is a few hours away and it feels like there’s so much energy and power in my bones…I could conjure anything my heart desires. As though in my being I have the power of  creativity entire at my finger tips. Matt called, as he usually does, before a perfomance and said, ‘Ah, I can feel you inhaling….’ Yes, inhale deeply…every single thing, experience and person. And when ready, exhale all that energy out of my system when I sing. By Saturday night…my batteries will be flat and I need a day to lie in bed, watch movies and do nothing. Until it starts all over again.

Luckily, I have wonderful people around me. People who see me as I am. Flaws and all. Wish me luck!

Of course…I had to listen to a Ben Harper song. Best bit? It’s new. It helped. Music always does.

Take a listen here –

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