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Wonderful human beings,  that’s  who I have in my life. Brooklyn, his nickname, just sent me some tracks that I am writing  new music to. My day just got so much better. Watch this space!

Brooklyn  scores movies, I am calling him as I see him. As I can hear him objecting. Hehe  I also think that he would play the part of Jeff Buckley perfectly. Not only does he look like him, but he can sing.

Why am I mentioning him? His energy is amazing! Talented, goes without saying. And he is a Scorpio. I love celebrating people in my life!

Also, as I sat with my dearest friend, enjoying the sunset I shared a plan of mine. The idea is  to release a new album on my birthday. The name will be called….wait for it…and it should come as no surprise really… I have been rambling on and on about my one favorite time of day. DUSK. My new album will be called DUSK.

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