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No one is more surprised when new songs creep and present themselves to me. Usually, I am greeted in a lovely way you know. In the early morning hours, in a bath or while sitting in the sun. I will never deny entry, no matter how inconvenient.

But this I did not see coming …

Hi there Auriol! Hope you slept well girl. How would you like to write a song about drug abuse and collective guilt on this fine morning in India ? Yes, yes, I can hear the neverending drone of bikes and hooters in Mysore also, but let’s ignore that and start writing this song already! And just to make it sweeter, how about wrapping the song up in some twelve bar blues eh?

What else could I do but comply? Here are some lyrics to the song I am calling Trapdoor Spider in the meantime.


He’s got me feeling oxycotin red// I drink drainpipe whiskey straight outta bed//  Mescaline Brown and Butter Black// Jasper’s Metaphysical Guilt’s got me outta wack// Jasper’s Metaphysical Guilt alerted me to the trap

Now I’ve been searching for some answers// From the man up above and down below// People don’t know how to Fall they both say// Everything’s a Trapdoor Spider slowly plotting away// Everyone’s a Trapdoor Spider on the wrong side of day


This is why I carry a notebook. Some of the words of the songs I picked up while speaking to people or eavesdropping. Honestly, after filming this music video all I want to do is jump into studio and sing. The problem is I have way too much music. Not a bad problem to have I know. Still searching for a producer and songwriter in musical crime who can show me some new tips and tricks, so I can learn more. But for now, it’s me and only me…and …wait, hold the phone! India is at my side and this changes everything most days. I already feel a greater sense of wellbeing. And that is kinda cool…


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