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Love is a crazy business, wouldn’t you agree? Now do me a favor and try to remember the last time you looked at someone and knew you  just fell insanely in love. Okay, can you reach that feeling again? Now do me a favor and immerse yourself in that feeling for at least 10 minutes…

It’s wonderful isn’t it? I thought about that feeling as I recalled the way my small ‘Blompot Kind’ lit up my entire sky when she smiled.  Human beings wired that way. We were meant to radiate warmth  from the inside out. And change not only our small piece of sky but anyone who steps even close….

There’s a certain quality to the sun as it is about to set. I wait for those moments and make sure I am listening to great music. Or that I inhale deeply that feeling, that moment.  I only really discovered the sun while in the desert and how it heals.

That’s what 2020 reminded me of. I carry a piece of the sun wherever I go. Or like the band Crowded House once sang…everywhere you go you take the weather with you. And that’s one thing that we have complete control over…

I remember being in France, the frenetic energy and the unease I felt. All I wanted was a damn tree to sit under, a bit of nature.  Somewhere I could ground my being in. I enjoy the city sure….but I can’t stand the constant noise and mad energy. Let the city be a few minutes away please. I mention this because after 2020 I know what I need to remain sane. Being close to  nature is a must.

A small confession? I feel very loved right this second. As though I am beaming light from the inside out, like that little girl did or the way I felt when last I fell in love.  And…perhaps…this is what deep gratitude feels like. Like love, the good stuff. Or as I use to tell my daughter when she was small, ‘I am full of fun juices baby!’

Now to concentrate on music and getting things together. Yes. That sounds like a great plan. Take good care of yourselves my people. Bloom wherever you are….because you carry the sun with you. And there’s a world of people who are dying for a bit of warmth. So radiate and give off that good energy yeah?

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