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Every morning at 4:30 my Mother can be found praying. Every evening Gilda stares at the sky doing the same. These women, beacons of light in being, it occurred to me forget the power they seamlessly emit. Yet what they, and so many like them fail to realise is that they are a raging bonfire blazing in the far off distance many travel towards to warm their cold fingers and body around.

This world is littered with so many false satellites parading as stars in the dark night. Or black holes emitting the silver rays of a blue sun to lure in the light of others, as it absorbs and expands. These blinding lights in our everyday sky take and steal silently. Failing to recognise that a single candle in the dark loses nothing of itself as it ignites a flame of truth in another….

As I thought of this year 2020 it felt like there were gaps in time itself, places so dark swallowing people, slivers of futures unexpressed or pasts mired in ancient energy. And then I realized, I was no longer walking in the dark. I was being lit, warmed from the inside out. Slowly being readied…

This is what I told my Mother this morning. Step into your power and set the world alight I declared. In fact I joked and said it’s my turn to preach and hers too listen. Burn and blaze brightly. As you do, Mummy, this world and so many others become a warmer place, lighter in its essence to those who stumble in the dark and cold….those like me who can now find their way. Until they too are ready to emit light, frequency and colors never seen before.

This is one of the many true things we all are destined to embody and the single most important detail we forget. Don’t be afraid to create from a place of not knowing or from deep within your heart. Then burn, blaze and radiate…. illuminating everything and everyone your life touches.

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