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Everyone has their own bit of magic. Some create a culinary masterpiece out of simple ingredients (I wish I could but you do risk possible death). Others can plan into the future like a pro while but me…well, it is a bit complex to be honest. All those I consider friends  visit knowing that at some point I will take out my tarot cards and read for them. I am no damn psychic but I can pick up on energies. However, it was my best girlfriend who said this morning, ‘Auriol, your real juju is in words and music…’

First, I must sketch the scene. I was rudely awoken in the damn morning (before 8am) to essentially provide some answers. ‘Let me make some coffee first…’ I sipped on my brew, but then the damnedest thing happened. A song popped into my head. As I sat down to write I linked into the question my best friend asked about. By the time the song was complete, I knew the answers or the trickery in the ongoing family feud. After a long discussion with her and two smokes I picked up my tarot cards and laughed….there it was. Plain as day – the song and the cards all told the same little story. ‘I told you!’ she said, ‘Thats your juju….you can see more when you sit down to write music.’

I should know better by now. Many a times when I had doubt I would take out the keyboard and allow my mind to drift while the random melodies float in the ethers. Without fail the answers or clarity I seek unfurls under my fingers. This is how I knew I would walk away from my ex husband, even though I was happy at the time and the smell of an oncoming storm was nowhere close.

Back to the song.  I am going to share some of my favorite lines. The song is called Legacy.


The Knight of swords walks into a room
Where the King sits.
He said little boy it’s time to be a man.
The empire is in ruins and there’s treachery everywhere.
The peasants are revolting and I wonder if you care.

There’s always plotting going on
In the backrooms boy
Every man’s a player and every
Woman  is a toy
I wonder if you can see
The nightmares of your enemies….
And will you hand them to me.

Later still I sing…

There’s always plotting going on
In the backrooms boy
Every woman is a player and
Every man  a decoy
But I’ve forgotten how to see
The secret dreams of those….
closest to me.

This is why I love my friends. Their lives are fascinating. Also the song was a reminder. It is best one knows not only the fears of your enemies but their secret dreams as well. Especially the dreams of those closest, as both can be used as a weapon. But hey, that’s just the evil Scorpio aka the black magic woman in me speaking. Damn. I do love music. Oh the places it takes my mind to…

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