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Random thoughts in my notebook. Some remain as is, others become music.


The cost of…

I cannot pay this price,this toll you taught me of. If you are silent bad things won’t happen Auriol. Just pretend you are not there and close your eyes.

One year saw that price plummet and skyrocket as brooms and metal rods broke on bone, backs crashed into dry walls and poison found its way to willing fingers.

Like you were taught by your Mother and she by hers. Putting broken men back together is a speciality some will die perfecting.


You fell in love with him. And he fell in love with you. But you forget that people fall differently.


On The Spot Love.

I remember the first time I heard you sing. The moon was full and stars crammed the sky.  And when the morning sun came you bellowed  and laughed in the shower, oblivious to everyone. Happiness sticking to every bit of your skin and long black hair.


But the secret thing that tied us to each other was stories, laughter, imagination and silence.

When I think of what I would say to you if we met again….

I’d offer you what I did the first time we met. Silence.




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