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Where do I even start? So much has happened in the space of a few days. But here’s the most important bit. I feel lighter, more free. As though I danced away all the cobwebs this last year and lockdown left me with.

Yes, it was a trance party in the middle of nowhere. Yes, I hung with people I really like and yes, I ended up making every person take a swig of Birthday Whiskey as they entered our camp! A nice big gulp just to settle the energy if you know what I mean! And absolutely…I danced every second I could with a crown of orchids all dressed in white.

I ended up getting kidnapped by a lovely human doing his Masters in Marine Biology and into the bush we went with the owner of the farm. In my possession I now have, as a birthday gift and memento, a fragment of pottery dated to 20 000 years ago, along with a rock used an implement or tool. The area is littered with paintings by the San people, indigenous tribes of our country, my ancestors. And I got to see it, along with all the tales from the owner of the land. He is passionate about the history and is a wonderful custodian of the land.

He looked at us and said, ‘The Knoi San people were having trance parties way before you guys!’ That is a very telling and insightful comment. As that is exactly what certain events like Summer Camp and Afrika Burn are at their best. We congregate for a few days, share space, music, food and some our bodies…. as a kind of release, a ritual letting go. I danced everything away. There is space for more now…

That was the intention I sent out and it ended up being so much richer than I imagined. The kindness and generosity was mutually shared. Even though it stormed. On Friday night I was one of the last people to leave….soaking wet and feeling cleansed.  I probably will have trouble walking tomorrow morning….But it is a price I will gladly pay. And yes, I ended up throwing some drain pipe whiskey on the ground when alone. It’s what my sister and I always do. A little something- something for our ancestors who walked this land…whose skin, bones, joy and pain I share.

I have been freed from the spiderwebs of my past. More space has been created within me. More space for more experiences and people. I have more of myself to give now…

Every bit of this weekend was a gift.


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