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I choose my friends carefully. Not being the most practical person on the planet, it is no surprise that all of my friends are. I draw strength from them. As they make the realities of navigating this world just a little bit easier.

Do they have their shit together? Hellyeah. In ways that matter and don’t. Yet, what we all have in common is that we reflect….and rigorously at that. At our core lies a deep need to understand ourselves and the mad planet we inhabit.

Most of the time I just wish we could all be a little easier on ourselves. So you fucked up, okay. Deal with it. Try not to remain in that space for too long. Move out, bags and all. Do not linger and use all manner of things like alcohol,  drugs, sex and gambling to numb the pain. Reflect, decide and move. Cry and be sad if you must, but please, don’t injure yourself more than is needed.

Gods, so many people walk around as I once did, willfully blind. Of course, it was only natural for the universe to kick my ass. As I refused to listen. Now I am hyper vigilant! What was that you say? A red flag? Darlings, I am way too far from danger to…wait, let me take out binoculars to check!

A small promise I made was this:  I will not lie to myself about anything. Do I require it from others? I would like to say no and be so evolved and all. As one should never expect anything from others. But I do appreciate it yes.

We just need to be a bit kinder towards ourselves. That’s all. Who knows, one day I might even know how to fix a car or reach a chosen destination without a GPS! One has to dream. Until then, I have good people around to help.






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