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So my friend has small kids….and you know how much I enjoy being around kids. However, on this particular day, a few months back, they would not leave us alone to talk. You see….they were having a small war in the next room. The object in dispute being a game meant to be shared. And the one kid just wouldn’t let anyone else have a go.

My solution? Join in on the matter…but challenge the kids…ever so slightly. So when they moaned to their Mother, urging her to do something I piped up and said, ‘Why not try this instead hey? Tell him this…. Are you ready, are you with me?’ Now these kids are between 4 and 8, and obviously they agreed.

‘How dare you mock me so….’ I had to break it up into small bits of pieces, this speech of mine. ‘…you nefarious, totalitarian dictator!’ Of course I cracked up laughing because they got the words mumbled up at each go, while they tried to repeat it with me and in the next room.

‘I will fight you until the bitter end…’ And away they ran to deliver the next installment. ‘Until real democracy is restored’ The kids who this was being directed at, all he could say was ‘huh?’ at every verbal onslaught.

‘ So relinquish, desist your detestable behavior this instant  or face my wrath!’ Honestly, I wish I recorded this speech as it was epic. ‘For evil has no place here!’ And yeah they got the words wrong in places but they more than killed it with their delivery!

Such a great memory! And this is why my godsons always give me the side eye, shake their heads and mutter, ‘We don’t trust you Aunty Yo…’ They couldn’t pronounce my name at first and now I am stuck being called Aunty Yo. I am not complaining at all.

Goodness, I live for the small moments of madness. My friend and I laughed so much I tell you.

Create magic wherever you can, is my motto. After Awareness Through Music of course…


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