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I enjoy a good laugh and a prank never killed anyone. Okay, it just scared my daughter, but then again she was 9 years old when I pretended to be a ghost rattling windows at 11 at night. All of the windows in different parts of the house. Man, that was fun! I really should plan another prank for that kid who is way too serious! I have the ultimate prank she can pull on her father. But the dude might just get a heart attack. Haha. Yes, save that thought for a rainy day I will!

I like the idea of remaining curious about what life had to offer.  The new adventures around the corners, new people to meet, places to explore, pranks to pull.  Ooh, the delicious men I am gonna kiss, not give a second thought to or even write songs about! Hellyeah man. I really need to embody more of that I-dont-give-a-fook energy. In real life.

I don’t want to save the best of who I am for only Music anymore. No balance can be found there. At least not for me. My best friend read my cards and predicted I would meet a special someone soon. Would you like to know what went through my mind upon hearing this news?  Just one word. Cool. Yeah. That was it. Cool. Anyone who enters my life should bring their own energy to the table and not leech off mine. I am done with energy vampires or people trying to slow my damn roll.

Being sad…or angry…is too much work man! All that reflecting and tearing yourself apart for answers is rather draining. Add in the not getting great sleep, the party too much and regret it the next morning part! All the concerned looks from friends and your Mother sending extra long bible verses… Sure, sure, great music is the result but why would I want to do that to myself again eh?

It’s  about finding  and maintaining balance. I have that within my family and friend circle. Even in my band. Why would any damn man be exempt from that hmm? Yes, I do learn from my mistakes.

I would like to enjoy every minute of being alive. That being said, the road trip starts tomorrow.  I don’t know what to expect, but I am rolling with my best friend and that’s good enough for me. Also, he has great taste in music and cooks like a boss! Who could ask for more eh? I am gonna move towards what makes me feel good, what brings me peace…


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