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I like the noises I hear from my bedroom. I am happy. Dammit! I am bladdy happy and content. Christmas is around the corner and well, there are two parties to attend. It’s gonna be tricky,  but I am sure I can  find space for all that food. What other people call a doggy bag,  we in CT call a ‘barakat’. There will be food for days afterwards man! Now to arrange a hangout spot for new years eve.

Before I forget, here are some of the names for future albums:

I Cant Handle A Knife Right Now

Bad Advice For Young Men (don’t ask any questions and I wont have to lie.)

If Only The Moon Were Real (I thought it was made of cheese)

…That Thing Behind You…(try not to move).

Fair enough, it seems a murder ballad album is on the cards. Dammit. Best to just…surrender to a great idea eh?

I am home and look forward to cooking with Louis and Elle today. Oh, and I only ever break my ‘I don’t talk to people so early in the morning it’s bladdy unnatural and should be outlawed and punishable by  death’ rule for people I love. So I  was giving my mother all kinds of mad lip early in the morning. It was just wonderful. I have a library run with my godsons and pumpkin fritters to make. As is per my custom, I will drop off some with Gilda and her son Alan. Also, I might have found some0one to teach me German! Turns out I have an aptitude for languages! Damn this year keeps surprising.

I  cherish these small moments with people so much more thanks to this year. There are people in CT, as well as people in my imagination I visit regularly. And so….the best thing about going away….is coming back. To those people I call Home.

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