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My conversation with him always starts the same way. ‘When I come to NY, you are picking me up at the airport.’ I nickname him Brooklyn and….I love that my life is filled with people who have the most amazing energy. Literally, no one in my life has bad vibes of any kind. 2020 is to blame for that I reckon.

This is what matters most to me. Being able to connect with my tribe members, regardless of where they are. Speaking when we are able to, even if months passed, yet it feels like we spoke only yesterday. Lockdown made me deeply appreciative of who I allow into my space.

Also we discussed issues that only Scorpios have – how to share space with others. I admit to being very bad at this. As I tend to enjoy being alone. I am an introvert at heart and everyone who knows me is deeply aware of this. However, if you need me….trust me I will be there.  A call away, a text or an email. I treat people the way I would like to be treated – with greater care.

I am blogging about this incident with Brooklyn for only one reason. It is so important we appreciate all the good stuff, and they need not always be life altering. Small moments  of laughter while sharing insights go a long way. The call was a lovely way to end off a great weekend. Friends, the sun, babies, food, whiskey, music and finally a call from Brooklyn.

Yeah, I only give nicknames to people I really care about. My Swaar (brother in law) calls me ‘Lap pop’, a raggedy doll. But those really old ones that are rare he says.  I call him Swaar as I regard him as family.  Also, his kids call me Aunty Yo, as my godsons do.

Listen man, I am so damn happy. Pleased that I am able to navigate really shitty things happening and managed to transmute that energy in a shorter amount of time. I am able to do this…..because….my life is no longer just me and my music. Or me and some man. Or me and my family. My life is filled with so many things and small bits of magic that make me happy. And that, my people, is blessing enough.

Have an amazing start to your week. Make sure you crack a few dirty jokes, eat something absolutely delicious, make.sweet, and dream so damn well when you sleep yeah?  Be the gift that you are to those in your life.  X

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