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It starts with a small kindling thought, each and every day. One thought to set the wheels in motion. Usually, it revioves around Music. That is all it takes to get me very excited about my day, regardless of where I am.

With so much uncertainty, most of us find ourselves and our thoughts wondering. Littered with ‘how do I do this?’, ‘ will it work out?’ and ‘what to do next?’ This is where it all goes wrong, at least for me. What have I learnt since 2019? To focus only one good thought, or  people and experiences that fill me with wonder.

It might sound complicated but it isn’t really. I mean…just being alive is damn troublesomeat times! Things to do, banal and dull. How to remain focused on the good when it appears life is so messy eh?

I turned it into a discipline, my own brand of Stoicism, finding peace that is.  I ensure  my small world is packed to the brim with only the good stuff. Matt likes to mock me and proclaim he enjoys my company as I  attract good people. My only retort, which annoys him, is ‘like you, of course!’ Perhaps, I think, he has a point. After years of straight out high grade fuckery,  the lessons around discernment is one I won’t forget.

I surround myself with people who have good energy. And we call on each other when our stock of the good stuff runs low. Energy and good vibes are shared. So we leave each other feeling replenished and a bit more wholesome than before.

The kindling of course becomes a raging fire that keeps us all warm. As we sit in the blazing heat  or in a lounge sipping whiskey and listening to music. Or simply driving and getting lost while singing hella bad songs! My Mother taught me this inadvertently. She prays every morning….for everyone. And leaves her room with a certain resolve, her day primed for goodness. I listen to music, meditate, blog, check in with friends and then make Music.

The music written or sung is always a reflection of what’s lurking in my heart. I chose certain songs in the last perfomance as a thank you to a friend who I adore, Noel. Choose my band and let them sort out how to arrange the songs as trust is implicit. I work with people whose company I enjoy as it makes the creative process a joy. My time, energy and resources come standard. Music written for them…that’s my gift to those I love.

This is how I choose to live my every day. By focusing on the small and wonderous things. Allowing them to bloom and attract everything I might not even know I need. While logic factors into it, I use my brain as a tool to navigate the illusion I live within. Not to dictate where and how I expend energy or who I love.

I am ready to go home, to rest for a while. The rest still remains the same, one small, glorious thought at a time. As to what it might bloom into, who knows? Regardless, I am ready and armed with good energy. Watch out now. I might just blast you with it when least expected! Have a great day wherever you are. X

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