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Says my Mark, ‘ You are going to leave a few things on that stage aren’t you?’ He knows me so well, as best friends do. Except, it isn’t pain or anxiety I am releasing. It’s joy, bits of light I picked up along the way.

Any musician will confess to the following: it is easier to deal with pain, disappointment and life’s general fuckery. But to speak honestly about any kind of tenderness? Well, that takes another kind of courage, and to be honest, I prefer keeping it private. Maybe…because life is so rough, I carried around a shard of something beautiful for way too long.

Music is a spell of sorts and all musicians are alchemists. Creating music and or performing it is always a willful act. Either you burn things to the ground so completely. Or you nurture it  as one would a candle daring it to be the sun. Ex husband who? If I see him I think…ah yes, that dude. See what I mean? There is nothing left  after Music has worked its magic. This is my way, my process.

Everytime I rehearse  music for our perfomance, a smaller letting go takes place. It is rather poignant. As I am at peace. Finally. Well, damn, I have been for a good while now!  It is what it is. Peace…80% of the time.

And on that note….damn it’s a beautiful day! The Sea is calling. Wait, as is Gilda! Gotta go my people! Things and people to do and see. You are amazing. Never forget that okay? Or just call me if you need a reminder. I always have my pompoms ready….and a few dodge  skirts I can swish around in as I try my best to brighten your day. Hehe

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