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Last year sometime I wrote a song called An Eye for an Eye,  because I was so damn mad. No, I wrote it sometime in 2019. Also, it felt good to get that anger out of my body and on to a page so I could confront it. I wrote it in a few minutes. It is a great song to perform on stage as I spit the words out with as much rage as I did when I wrote the song!

Here are some of the lyrics

Don’t tell me to behave myself, you don’t know my story or my mental health. I’ve  got righteous fucking anger, can’t you see? I’ll take an eye for an eye for an eye…and then the whole damn world. I’ll  take an eye for an eye for an eye and then the whole damn world…

…but first, I’ll  take yours! I’ll  take your goddamn eye, and maybe your head and just for fun, I’ll  even take your legs!

This made me think of all the times when I was fuming mad. All the times I said nothing, waited to gain balance in music before speaking. I hesitate a great deal because words have power,  and I do not mean to inflict any more pain….than required. So I wait and watch for time to reveal true intentions, mine especially!

Now I no longer get so upset. Why? Will it change anything? Instead I go for a walk or speak to someone I trust. Those emotions are best left to Music….most of the time.

I no longer wonder why people cannot act ‘accordingly’ or ‘the way reasonable people would’ as that is a waste of time. People will do what they want, or act in their best interests. It really doesn’t matter at the end of the day. The only matter of importance is how I conduct myself. If my actions are in alignment with my deepest truths.

What is my deepest truth? Love and Music Matters. In all shapes and forms and nothing is coincidence. All I have to do is wrap meaning around those bits of wonderful and not so fantastic things that come my way. Giving meaning to every single second of my life is all that matters. I just happen to do that very well with Music.

I have decided that I am gonna write a song about all the magical men I have in my life. One huge love song to all of the crazies I call friends.  As they really are slightly mad and wonderful. And absolutely worthy of a song. I am very lucky that way. My friends, male and female, are all rather amazing.

Yes. That sounds good! Have a great day wherever you are! And don’t hang on to anger longer than you need to eh? Anger is like a friend who visit every now and then. You love having him around but hide the Brandy and really nice girls from him because he can   be a but of a cold bastard. Wait, you hide all women from him as you know how charming he can beA Best but of advice? Park that friend off near an instrument of go for a walk in the sun…

Remain as brilliant and smart and wonderful as I know you are over there!

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