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It is such a blessing performing with my band, for so many reasons. Aside from the real fact that they bring a fullness of sound….each and every one of them are so talented that when we play together it feels nothing short of joy. This performance was better than what we did when we opened for Ben Harper. Allow me to explain why…

There was so much pressure on my part to be more, to give all… that I forgot my band. Honestly, I hardly acknowledged them because I was so stuck in my head and ass. But today we played in the blistering heat to a full crowd of people who had no idea who I was or anything about my music. Yet, we killed it. And the only reason why that was the case was because of….well…Ubuntu…I am only as good as those who stand with me. And my band are freaking amazing. The best that South Africa has to offer.

So I made a big deal of them, gave them the space to have crazy solos and the crowd went wild! It was the least I could do and  here’s why. They were not getting paid a great deal of money. They perform with me because I give them the freedom to interpret my music and give the best of who they are. Now, that by itself is a gift. Those musicians would drop gigs that pay more to perform with me, this I know.  The show was amazing because they always give their best. The highlight was singing Hallelujah, dedicated to all the families who have people they love suffering from Alzheimer’s….and hearing everyone sing with me. Over and over again…was amazing.

Afterwards, I met with my sister, family and friends and had a few hours on the town at dodge pubs listening to bad rock music. I didn’t care the least as all I saw were people just…being people. That was enough. The tequilas…helped I won’t lie.

One day to recover before I go home and detox. Physically and emotionally. Then it will be just me and the roaring sea and the maintains that surround. Family, cooking, books and my wonderful Gilda ( aka Granny G). That’s enough for now.

Good night or good morning wherever you are. Have a beautiful day and never forget…You are loved as you are. X


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