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Every time I sit at the piano and play badly, something pops out.  Today was no different in that regard. How silly of me to ever wonder what to write music about eh? Or to ever think I could never write a song again after my father passed!

Thank goodness for my old notebooks. I love the way lyrics jigsaw together, different phrases fitting with harmonies I didnt see coming. Anyhoo, I have certain notebooks I know will deliver darker words. Or others where love was so brazenly naked on display. So ingenreally knownwhich books to take with me to the piano. Today I wrote  a song that deals with the fallout of love and what to do with that energy.

I love the piano line I came up with for this song. But I especially enjoy how the song eventually end.

Anyhoo, here are some of the lyrics

I fall into your arms at shutter speed, could this be love or just a seed. That blooms forests.      The plasticity of time, shaded truths sold for a dime, the edge is mecurial still I am planting forests in the sun, chasing light until I’m  done. Eternities of dust can be, turned into galaxies. Unchartered dreams and unbloomed love will always find fertile minds, so I’ll keep planting forests in the sun

I do love writing music. The song is done. I can’t wait to see Rodney and expose him to my bad piano playing that he turns into magic! Anyhoo, thought I would share…