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Here’s some lyrics  to the new song I wrote last night. This, for the deep house album which is five songs in so far.

" Give me pleasure, let's forget the pain
Give me love to bring me back to the
Light again.
Step outside your mind, anchor your  heart
Let's celebrate, every day's a new start
When it's easy to do or feels impossible to....Remember......
Great Would Be the Love 

It has a complete anthem kinda vibe to it, does this song. I wrote all three verses in under 10 minutes. I can’t separate how I feel from the music. It is a package deal. And I feel good about this song and the music we are working on. That enough for now. I am not looking for perfect sound….but frequency, above all. Make no mistake my people, I am invoking this. Yes! Great fucking love. Have an amazing day yeah?

On an unrelated note…I really would love to visit Instanbul.

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