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Last night went well. From a performance point of view I could have done better. And tonight I will yes. I missed a few things here and there. Alas, that’s life eh?

Two years ago, I was getting ready and calming my nerves as I  was about to open for Ben Harper. And meet him. Watching him perform was a religious experience.

This time last year….I didnt know it would be the last weekend I would see my Father alive. Gods, how quickly things change don’t  they?

Okay, back to the performance. I was so happy when my Afrika Burn and Summercamp people rocked up. I got to see new friends who feel like old ones and just hang out.

Can I be frank for a second? I think of my potential audience members the way I think of men. I ain’t begging anyone to come and see me. Fuck. That. Now I can hear you saying….Auriol, you gotta do everything to get people there blah, blah. Uhm…no.  We do what we can with what we have. Walk in faith and give our best. Those who are there are meant to be there. I refuse to beg or convince anyone. I am a grown ass woman.

Tonight  my band and I perform at Gallerly 44 at 44 on Long again.  Also, I want to spend some time with Matt. Reading books, talking shit and looking at art. Then I will go home…for a while and work on something else. I have ideas…

Things don’t  always work out perfectly. But it was great being on stage with my band. Yeah..

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