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That’s what I am convinced we all need : a little bit of something beautiful every day. Can you imagine what what kind of humans we would be?

Let’s not get caught in the ‘so how do you define that’ game. It really is up to you. For example, I just heard my sister sing while she listens to music on her headphones. And I stopped to listen. As people seldom sing around me. It’s so lovely, though, her soft and gentle voice. But then again, I love my sister so everything she does is just wonderful. In fact, my entire family is my little bit  of something beautiful….and ever slightly so mad. Especially when we play dominos!

I think I will go for a walk, visit Gilda and write music. In the new week I have music to push to all the radio stations and more projects to work on. At least three collabs to work on. Yet, even with the collabs, mostly with rappers,  I am not too stressed. As I love music that much, if it works it works. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t. Move on girl, move into what’s next….what brings you joy.

I wont lie, it still feels like December over here. A trip to Sutherland is in the works for the end of this year.  To see the stars of course. My daughter and the nephews will love that! The stars in our sky  are already so bright. I can’t  wait to see how the beauty of that sky will astound.

It really is about appreciating the small things…..that are never as small as we might think. In the end, that’s what I remember most, the little bits of beautiful I can turn into words or music. And hand over to someone I love and say ‘Here, this is just a glimpse of what I feel for you…’ Whether they understood the gift or not is of little consequence…

Anyhoo, have a day that’s as beautiful as you are. X