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Today was a good day, and I am always grateful for those. After a dream that reminded me of my past, writing two songs to deal with that energy and finding answers to questions I needed…I have no reason to complain.


Then we met up with our new girl friend, who made me laugh when she said, ‘You looked at the new notebook the way women look at a man they like…’ I love the notebooks she gifted me with! How could I not squeak in delight eh? The small things really do matter. I take me ages to pick new notebooks, ask any of my friends!

As this year rolls by and things seems uncertain, I marvel at how life still manages to surprise. I have decided to focus on what’s in front of me instead. The energy of dreams are all used for musical purposes. I cannot afford to spend more of my days with my head in the clouds, stumbling over the cold stones of reality.  I spend enough time as is, being a Scorpio, in subterranean spaces. So I love surrounding myself with people whose energy is light, bright and pure. Those who I can see, hear and touch.

As we are physical beings. Plugged into the God Source for sure, but it is the here and now we need to make sense of. A lesson I wont easily forget.

Each day is a gift.  Every person a revelation.  I will leave you with the quote I jotted down in my new notebook..

Rare  souls are rare for a reason. We should nurture them as best we can. As our lives are just a tad more magical with  them around.

Be good to yourself wherever you are, and especially good to those you love. Even if you don’t  always feel like it and slip up here and there. We are only human and being human can be tricky sometimes.

And if no one told you just how special you are…do allow me to do so. You. Are….everything you imagine yourself to be on your best of days. I was gonna suggest you ask that of someone who knows you well. But I can smell it from here already…you won’t do that easily. Hence, I will whisper some loveliness into your ears before you drift into bed or out of bed. You really are rather magnificent. I wish you could see what I see when I think of you…Xx

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