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My philosophy is simple – if I die today, what will I regret? So far…nothing. All the people I love and care for know it. And I got to raise a daughter and make music. Bonus points all round!

This is why I say what I need to say to those in my life. As honestly as I am able to.

South African artists are freaking out. Most are live streaming, encouraging others. Our president did a great job reassuring the country.

As usual, I am watching it all unfold in silence. This is my way, the Scorpio Way. I act when the need arises and right now my priority is to my family. Not my craft. The gods have always been good to me. I will be where I am needed.

My daughter is not coping well at all. I catch her falling asleep to news of the virus bleeding into her ears. Probably because this is her chosen field of study.  I told her – baby, this is not doing you any good. All that noise and fear seeping into your sleep, your dreams…

Twenty one days without leaving the house. This I have done before. It is taking a certain amount of willpower to wake up bright and breezy. But I see my Mother every morning and both her and I are silently covering everyone we know and the planet in prayers of our own making. The music will come when it needs to also…

I am here, as I have always been. For anyone who needs me. A call or a text away. Reach out –

Asking for music is the easiest thing if needed and is freely given.

Auriol Joy



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